Why to HD?

In Hickory Dickory Pre School®, Our Team extensively concentrates and works on the main areas of Child Development in terms of

Our Pre School believes in learning by doing and growing by playing. Our premises comprises of sound environment that helps the preschoolers to learn the right values with a healthy mind and body. We provide equal opportunity to the students by making them participate in each and every activity.

Authentic: Montessori up to U.K.G.

Fullest Potential: Unfolds Child’s True Potential

Professional Skills: Fosters Independence, Collaboration and Leadership

Concentration: Montessori Allows Children to Experience “Flow”

Developmental Needs: The School that meets your Child’s Natural Needs

Small Muscles Development: Develops Fine Motor Skills

Attention Deep concentration Skills

Montessori Primary (Womb for your Childs Self-Construction)

Montessori Method Holistic Approach to Develop the Child ‘s True Potential

Montessori Concepts : Natural Child Development Philosophy

Montessori Special : A Superior Education system that offers Joy of Learning and Holistic Development

Benefits of Montessori : Innovitable Developmental Needs to Shape your Child’s Future

Practical Life Curriculum : Building Independence and Attention

Sensorial Curriculum: Building Discriminative Minds and Perceptual Skills

Language Curriculum : Development of Language and Literacy Skills

Mathmetic Curriculum : Development of Numeracy amd Math Skills

How to Admit?

If you feel your child can be part of our HDian program, Please Click Here.

Hickory Dickory Pre school® follows a very transparent and easy Admission process for your child.

Step 1: Schedule a School Visit and make a School tour.

Step 2: If satisfied, Fill the Application form.

Step 3: Submit the Necessary documents, Pay the fees and confirm the admission.

Step 4: Admit your child and get a kit.

Step 5: Join the HD Family and be a HDian.

Supporting Documents Required for admission: